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NEW Vibro Fat fishing lures!
We designed Vibro Fat lures to outperform live bait and catch more fish. New Vibro Fat fishing lures can't be matched in the water. Other companies have similar products, but don't come close. Our product also comes with a much cheaper price tag. 

We offer three options for you to receive your item. 
     *USA Shipping Only

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Option 1-  USPS Ready Post Envelope. Please note there is NO tracking on this shipping option. 
                 Cost $1.50
Option 2- USPS Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope. Tracking included. 
                 Cost $4.99
Option 3- Local Pickup

Do these lures work?
Yes, we have spent a lot of time testing these lures and found they work great at catching Bass, Walleye, Pickerel, Trout, and many other fresh water fish.

What makes our lures better than others?
 We have a larger profile which catches the fishes attention easier. Extra ribs on the body to create extra motion. A larger and heaver tail to create more natural movement that won't be bitten off by smaller fish!

Can you use these for saltwater?
Sure you can. We have not tried it but these would probably be a little small.

What colors do Vibro Fat come in?
Vibro Fat comes in Smoke, Green, Bass Magic, and Mossy Pumpkin. More Colors coming soon!

How long does processing and Shipping take?
It normally takes 1-3 days to process your order and shipping can take 1-5 days. 

Can I buy these off of your website?
Yes. Check out our Vibro Fat Fishing Lures Page Here

Do you offer bulk pricing?
Yes. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to discount bulk orders.

Do you have Vibro Fat lures in a larger size?
Not yet, we are working on creating a larger size.

How many lures come in a package?
There are 10 Vibro Fat lures in each package.